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We don’t punish you for the risks you face on a daily basis, we work with you to reduce them – that’s why Towergate Insurance – Motor Division are risk management specialists first, and insurance brokers next.
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• A free business insurance review to ensure you have the appropriate covers in place for the activities you undertake

• Free access to Towergateriskmanagement.com Health & Safety portal and the consultative and administrative support necessary to keep you   up-to-date and compliant

• Access to a wide range of discounted risk management tools including telematics, cameras, driver training,
  health & safety audits, and more

• Access to a team of Towergate claims and risk management professionals who, between them, will ensure your business is protected when   things are going right AND when things go wrong.

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AVRO Direct Insurance Scheme

Avro direct insurance



AVRO's long-standing relationship with Bollington Insurance has been boosted by the arrival of former Ernest R Shaw and FM Green employee Pauline Brookes who has joined as Commercial Development Manager.  Pauline brings over 16 years experience in insuring recovery operators to Bollington - the appointed insurance broker for AVRO.  The specialist scheme developed for AVRO members offrs a great range of benefits, including not just the competitively priced motor trade and premises cover you would expect, but also:

  • Subsidence cover for buildings
  • Compensation for loss of use of recovery vehicles following an accident or theft, where the time off the road exceeds 48 hours
  • Automatic extended cover for courtesy vehicles, for situations where work on a customer's vehicle takes longer than expected
  • Legal liability for the commercial loads of customers vehicles up to £5 million
  • Exhibition cover as standard including up to £10,000 for equipment and fixtures such as marquees
  • EU cover as standard
  • Specialist risk management advice, where required
  • Cover across all of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, ensuring true nationwide coverage for all your insurance needs.

Additionally, you can get up to 15% premium rebate when you renew your insurance through Bollington.  And AVRO Direct Insurance clients can also benefit from a specially-arranged premium rebate scheme, which will reward your business if you keep insurance claims to a minimum.  This works on a sliding scale.  For example, if you paid £40,000 in premium but claims paid or outstanding do not exceed £4,000 in the next year, then you would receive a £6,000 (or 15%) rebate.  However, even if claims are up to 40% of the premium (or £16,000 in this example), you would still be eligible for a £2,000 (or 5%) rebate.  You simply need to renew your insurance on the AVRO scheme each year to be eligible for this rebate scheme.

In addition to being crowned the 2014 Insurance Broker of the Year at the British Insurance Awards, Bollington has also recently gained 'Outstanding' Investor in Customer status, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring clients receive an unrivalled package of service and benefits.

If you would like to speak to Pauline about your current insurance arrangements, why not give her a call on 0845 601 3852?  There is no obligation to take up insurance through Bollington, but many of our members have found that they have offered consistently good advice and value for money.

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