AVRO Association of Vehicle Recovery OperatorsAVRO Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators

Avro Direct Insurance

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We don’t punish you for the risks you face on a daily basis, we work with you to reduce them – that’s why Towergate Insurance – Motor Division are risk management specialists first, and insurance brokers next.
Refreshing isn’t it?

• A free business insurance review to ensure you have the appropriate covers in place for the activities you undertake

• Free access to Towergateriskmanagement.com Health & Safety portal and the consultative and administrative support necessary to keep you   up-to-date and compliant

• Access to a wide range of discounted risk management tools including telematics, cameras, driver training,
  health & safety audits, and more

• Access to a team of Towergate claims and risk management professionals who, between them, will ensure your business is protected when   things are going right AND when things go wrong.

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AVRO Direct Insurance Scheme

Avro direct insurance


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