AVRO Benevolent Fund



Ever felt that you don't know where to turn?  Hopefully the majority of us will never know that feeling of sheer despair and desperation.  However, let me explain that by being an AVRO member you have got that extra special help, should you ever need it. 

The AVRO Benevolent Fund was set up by founder members of AVRO to help other fellow recovery operators, their family and staff members should they require any support.  We are able to provide what we call "first aid help", whether it be counselling, money or hire of equipment, i.e. wheelchairs or battery operated cars.  Each year we are able to assist a number of members in some way that makes life just a little bit easier.  We have helped companies and individuals with trauma and stress after accidents have occurred by organising specialist consultants and counsellors.  

The AVRO Benevolent Fund also boasts the support and expertise of well informed solicitors who are able to handle the legal side of accidents or accident claims.  It is very important to realise that when a situation occurs, i.e. accident, bereavement or serious illness, it has a very traumatic effect on the immediate family, businesses and close friends. 

The recovery industry is renowned for being a very caring and personalised industry and consequently decisions are made all with the best intentions, this can have a detrimental effect on a subsequent claim.  It is vitally important that legal advice is sought before any supportive action is taken. 

No one should ever feel they are alone as we are always at the end of a telephone line.

Eric Hammond, Fillongley Garage, Tamworth Road, Fillongley, Coventry, Warwickshire CV7 8DY

Tel: 01676 540636   E-mail: eric@fillongleygarage.com

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