AVRO Fuel Card

Avro Fuel Card

AVRO Fuel Card Member Offer

AVRO are working in partnership with Silvey Fleet to offer members competitive fuel card packages.

AVRO members  GO HERE Fuel Card Savings    To get up to 10% savings on business fuel.             

AVRO’s fuel card partnership deal Save up to 10% on business fuel with a Silvey Fleet fuel card

Our fuel cards provide a complete fuel solution for your vehicles.

Free to set up, Silvey Fleet fuel cards offer competitively priced fuel at over 6,500 branded fuel stations across the Esso, Texaco, Fastfuel and Keyfuel networks.

We work with fleets of all shapes and sizes, providing a solution tailored to your business. You’ll have the ability to set spending limits on your fuel cards by driver or vehicle and you won't be charged any transaction fees, giving you greater control over your fuel costs. Each month you’ll receive a weekly online usage statement, so you can see how much you’re spending at each location and by driver – helping you to keep track of fuel costs and saving time manually paying fuel expenses.

FIND OUT MORE HERE >     Fuel Card for AVRO Members

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