AVRO History

AVRO History

The Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators Limited (AVRO) was formed in 1977, the idea for the trade association came through a recognition of a need to establish a representative body to lobby government departments and other organisations involved in the decision-making process on all matters relating to the vehicle recovery industry and also to raise standards in the recovery industry. Today the association operates throughout the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland through 14 regions and is the only representative body with a recognised set of standards. In addition there was potential to negotiate cost-effective purchasing arrangements on products and services.

There was also an opportunity to exchange ideas and technical information, and then there was the social aspect, after all the recovery operators lot is sometimes pretty lonely, potentially dangerous and normally hazardous. This is all packaged together with most unsociable hours in all kinds of weather, not everybody's idea of a fun job! But the guys and gals that perform their duties as a recovery operative generally draw great respect from their employers and of course the general public in their time of real need.

The majority of professional recovery operator's today are registered to a recognised trade association. AVRO with fourteen separate regions throughout the UK and Southern Ireland, make it a condition of entry into the association that potential new members employ acceptable standards. It is a requirement of the association for potential new members to undergo an initial inspection by our preferred supplier to prove satisfactory vehicles, equipment, premises and staff training. The ability to confirm experience, efficiency and safety is very important and final acceptance is only agreed through the AVRO regional representatives. The knowledge that AVRO members have achieved these standards provides a comforting factor to the various parts of the community that employ the services of the AVRO professional recovery operator. Independent operators now provide services to the motoring organisations including RAC, AA, Green Flag, etc. and also the police department. Members are normally easily recognised by the various markings, badges and decals that adorn their vehicles and premises. Most members are proud to be part of a leading trade association.

Twenty five years further on and boasting in excess of 500 independent professional recovery operators, the need of an association has become ever more necessary with the onset of constant new legislation, health and safety changes, heavily congested roads, insurance issues and the list goes on.

Today's professional recovery operator is highly skilled and invests heavily in the latest vehicles and equipment to provide the safety and efficiency expected by today's society. Some of the larger recovery vehicles suitable for recovering heavy commercial vehicles or providing specialist recoveries such as chemical tankers or coaches, can cost as much as £250,000 and then you have to think about insurance!

To assist in providing additional work AVRO has introduced to the membership NCA or Nationwide Coach Assistance, Nationwide Commercial Assistance and Nationwide Chemical Assistance. These schemes offer a totally professional service with fully trained operatives and the latest equipment to ensure a fast efficient service in times of need. One call to the control centre sets the system in motion.

The recovery business goes virtually unnoticed by most people and yet it remains an emergency service in the truest sense. When a tanker overturns or a collision occurs on the motorway or a coach goes down an embankment or even a plane slips off the runway, who's going to be there to make sure the inconvenience is as short as possible and the damage is limited. Yes, the professional recovery operator.

A comprehensive directory of members is published every year listing the individual members, their location, contact points, facilities and the type of service they will provide. The performance of all our members listed in the directory is constantly monitored to ensure that they offer the highest possible service in the recovery industry.

The association's Benevolent Fund helps care for members in times of need and has over the years provided all kinds of support and assistance to help members and their staff.

The membership package includes access to the AVRO Direct Insurance Scheme, our own unique branded insurance package designed to offer extremely competitive pricing whilst providing quality insurance cover.

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